On May 16th, a handful of Hope Street members, staff and supporters will be running a marathon. Our course will start at Hope Street and traverse both geography (the course will go down Capitol from Hope Street into Lake Country) as well as cultural, social/economic, and ethnic roads. We invite you to follow along in our journey, regardless of where or what “road” you are on.  During each of the 12 training weeks leading up to the marathon we will share a story from our diverse community. Each narrative reveals how initial donations made turned into investments that had surprising returns, eventually leading to the “birth” of a new member into our Hope Street family and the healing, joy and growth that comes from that sacrifice. 


Read the stories. As you follow along, take the time to consider our invitation to join us. Donate a part of you, and share with us what returns that investment makes. Welcome home to your Hope Street Family. ​​

What we are doing

  • A handful of members and staff are walking/running a Marathon on May 16th

  • We are training for 12 weeks leading up to the marathon, starting February 21st

  • Each week of training we will share a story written by a member of our community

  • These stories will highlight investment in Hope Street and return on that investment

  • Our training will mirror the sacrifice of investment

  • Completing our marathon will mirror return on that investment

  • By completing this marathon we hope to:

    • Raise awareness about Shechem at Hope Street

    • Close the barriers between us and our suburban neighbors (we’re starting at Hope Street and ending in Pewaukee!)

    • Get more people engaged in our community

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