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Cassidy called herself a “Guinea pig.” She’d try anything once. This was the surface tendency that led her to alcohol and drug abuse. While this tendency led Cassidy there, it got me thinking about how we all have something. An emptiness that leads us astray on a journey for something that is truly good; truly fulfilling; only to be left emptied and deeper into something we hadn’t sought as our end goal in the first place.

Cassidy’s life wasn’t all drugs and it wasn’t all bad, but she found herself using for a significant time and it effecting more areas of her life than she could handle. In 2013; she decided she couldn’t “live at that rate” anymore and checked herself in to AODA treatment. She’s been clean now for 4 years.

In spring of 2016 she moved to Hope Street where she continues her journey of sobriety and so much more. At The Greenhouse for People, we recognize all people as broken and in need of repair far beyond what we can see but with the hope of far greater things than we could ever imagine. While here, Cassidy recognizes there’s all sorts of avenues and possibilities and she knows there’s always someone to talk to. Cassidy found a job to get her by and is working toward a job where she can flourish. All things aren’t perfect and daily there is a battle, but within that battle our hope is secure at Hope Street because it’s not about us, or about our circumstances, or about our programming but is about being firmly grounded on a God that doesn’t change and whose ways are everlasting.

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