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The kitchen table is often the heartbeat of a home. It’s where conversations happen, meals are shared, and life is lived with friends and family. We at Hope Street want to provide an opportunity to make those conversations, meals, and relationships available to you, your friends and families.


We call this Build a Table, Build a Future


Here is how it works: You invest a total of $840.00 over the course of the year. There are different payment plans available for the group. We invest that money into our table building company, and our residents build a table.

You then:

  1. Receive a call from our Ministry Director that the apartment you’ve “adopted” is vacant.

  2. Help prep the apartment for a new member (paint, clean, check inventory of misc. items, etc.)

  3. Welcome and meet new members(s) within the first week of their arrival.

  4. Share in preparing and eating a meal with new member(s) at the table you’ve invested in within first month of their arrival.

  5. Last but not least, share your stories with us.

Why is this a worthwhile investment? When people who are different from each other meet and share a meal it becomes personal. We are no longer looked at or look at others as “those people." We are names, personalities, smiles, and tearful eyes attached to one person. Stereotypes tend to fall apart in those conditions and friendships are developed; friendships that last through this lifetime and into the next.


How else can you help (and how can our members help you)? Join our members in personally acknowledging that you too have a lot of growing to do. We’ve discovered a valuable exercise that consists of us (that includes you) expecting to learn from our members. They have a lot to offer you. How would you finish the below question to our members?


“Would you help me ________________?"

Here are some suggestions to fill in the blank above. As fellow suburbanites (some of us) we’ve filled that blank with these requests (maybe you can relate to one?):


Would you help me…

Prepare a meal | Learn to dance | Stop judging | Fight injustice


“If we are to be credible witnesses of the gospel, we must understand that it’s not nice for us to engage people across racial, ethnic, gender, sociopolitical and cultural lines­­­­ it’s necessary!”

A Credible Witness; Reflections on Power, Evangelism and Race Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil


Building a new future is what Christ began with his ministry of reconciliation. He has committed to us this same message of reconciliation. It is at the Table we share his body, broken for us; His blood, poured out for us. Judas betrayed Jesus and so have I. Judas was still invited to the table. Like Jesus you may have been betrayed, like Judas you may have betrayed someone. Both betrayed and betrayer are invited to the table of reconciliation. The question is; what do you bring to a meal like that? Your heart.

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