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Larry lay by the bus-stop, drunk out of his mind. Two girls walked by, saw him lying there and went to a nearby gas station, bought some gas, poured it on him and set him on fire.

He lived. But it took a long time to recover in the hospital. The pain was intense, but Larry says that it wasn‟t as bad as the pain of living under the domination of alcohol.

“Even while I was drinking, I would cry out to God to deliver me. I just couldn't stop.”

But as he lay in the hospital he knew things were different with him. God had kept him alive. When he was released, he went to a treatment center for awhile and then to Hope Street, feeling that he needed to be with others who knew God.

“I didn‟t come to Hope Street for the cheap rent.”, he says, “I came because I wanted to live - to live a new life.”

“I've tried to fight addiction all my life. I was even a counselor for other alcoholics. I remained sober for seven years but then I fell back. Now I know why I failed. I hadn't taken Step 3 of the 12 Steps personally. That's the one that says, “Turn your life over to God as you understand him to be.”

“Now I know I cannot get through the day without the help of Jesus Christ. I trust him for everything.”, Larry admits.

“I remember the day that I made that final decision. I was staying at Hope Street and waiting for a bus to go to work when eight men jumped out of a van and started beating me. One of them used a hammer. Someone interfered and they ran off, leaving me bloody so I went to the hospital.”

“As I came back to Hope Street, I thought to myself, 'I've been burned alive; I've been beaten with a hammer; I have very good reasons to drink again. But I'm not going to. I'm going to serve God instead.' And that‟s what I do.”

We are grateful also that God kept Larry alive.

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