The Greenhouse for People is more than a great place to give money and see it do well. Each gift we receive is an investment in the men, women and children at Hope Street. Each gift giver is more than a donor - you become a part of our community.

4 things to give to: 


When you give to Operations you are investing in seeing Hope Street’s mission lived out. From this funding we are able to protect our community through needed security, insurance coverage, building maintenance and updates, and essential software that allows us to maintain fiscal responsibility. We are able to cultivate hope by creating spaces that are good in and of themselves, never just good enough. We are able to build community by creating spaces within our building that encourage interaction, by holding events like zumba in the alley or host pizza nights and cookouts in our courtyard. A vital and sometimes forgotten reality is that operations funding ensures that we have been able to build our team of incredible staff. These are the men and women who help make sure that your gifts are stewarded well, that welcome new members into the building, walk alongside volunteers, challenge old ways of thinking, have the hard conversations, keep the building looking beautiful, pay the bills, organize the events, and the list goes on. Each person on this team is not only highly qualified and capable of the work we have asked them to do (and more at times), but has a commitment to seeing others as Christ does, and the humility to lean in and grow during their time here as well. These gifts allow us to run and oversee all the other programming taking place within Hope Street. Your continued support here is vital and appreciated.


There is something special about a place that keeps producing powerful stories. Hope Street has invested in the 53206 zip code for 20 years by providing a safe and nurturing environment for men, women and children to live, learn and develop new habits. Our members have challenged us to do more by being a bigger part of the greater community’s flourishing. Shechem is a Community Center on 26th and Capitol - it will be an extension of Hope Street and be home to a gymnasium, classroom and event space, cafe and more. It will be an on-ramp for building community.

Checks payable to: Shechem at Hope Street

acorn Fund

From the beginning Hope Street has provided a safe home for men and women to grow and flourish. The Acorn Fund was established to protect members entering Hope Street from financially vulnerable situations that might delay initial membership payments.  Monthly Membership is a part of living at Hope Street, it is $425 for a Single Adult and $525 for a Family. We do not want somebody’s current financial situation to be a barrier. In these special situations, we supplement 1-3 months of membership fee with our Acorn Fund.

Baby Acorn Fund

Just over five years ago kids joined the Hope Street census. Experience taught us that people grow best inside of community, in particular, family units. So we began accepting moms and dads with their kiddos. We do not charge a membership fee for kids to live at Hope Street, however, that loss of income has to be made up somewhere. It costs $150 per month for a kid to stay at Hope Street, the Baby Acorn Fund helps supplement this cost without adding a financial burden to Hope Street parents. 

Thank you!