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Elaine was one of those people you quickly write off. She was so far down the road to hell that you just gave up on her... MORE


Larry lay by the bus-stop, drunk out of his mind. Two girls walked by, saw him lying there and went to a nearby gas station, bought some gas, poured it on him and set him on fire.... MORE

When Lori was a freshman in high school her parents got evicted from the house they lived in. Overnight all her worldly possessions were gone except the clothes she had on... MORE


Cassidy called herself a “Guinee pig.” She’d try anything once. This was the surface tendency that led her to alcohol and drug abuse. While this tendency led Cassidy there... MORE

Lenny was out rippin’ and runnin’ the streets and he finally scored a rock. Now all he needed was a shelter to get out of the wind and sleet to light his pipe and... MORE


Safety and security can be at the foundation of change.  Felicia was in an abusive relationship. Toxic. Unsteady. Unpredictable. Her life was controlled by a man as broken as herself... MORE

Thalia grew up in Pittsburg and while she loved her Daddy the way most young girls do, she was confused and hurt by the things he did... MORE

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