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It's a special place...

Hope Street is not what I expected. It is a special place where broken men, women, and children come to be restored. Broken people like you and I and yet desperate for something more, something new. We all want to flourish, to embrace who we were created to be, to be protected and given an opportunity.  I can promise you Hope Street will not be what you expect, it is a special place full of beautiful and messy stories, yet our Father is present. He is present in the classes, the apartments, the people and the city even on the corner of 26th and Capitol.  Beautiful City, Restoration, Redemption, Inherent Dignity, Greenhouse for People.



Ashley Thomas, Executive Director

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quick facts about hope street

  • One-time/non-refundable Transplant Fee: $150

  • Monthly Membership Cost:

    • $450/ Single Adult  

    • $550/ Family

  • Membership includes: 

    • Heat/Electricity​

    • A Fully Furnished Apartment

    • Access to all programming

  • Curfew: 11pm​

  • Sober-living

    • Random drug/alcohol testing

  • Application processing takes about 1 week​

    • Fill out application​

    • Staff will set up an interview with applicant

become a member at Hope street

How To Apply: 

  1. Fill out the application

  2. Read through the agreement. This does not need to be filled out but is helpful in deciding if Hope Street is a place you would like to be a member at.

  3. Drop the application off at Hope Street, mail in your application or email it to us at the following addresses:

quick facts about shechem at hope street

  • Shechem at Hope Street is a community center with the following spaces: 

    • Gymnasium​, café, classrooms, event space and a resource room

  • We offer both Individual and Organizational Memberships

  • Individual Membership Types are as follows:

    • Cultivate Membership: $0/pay what you can​

    • Growth Membership: $20/month

    • Flourish Membership: $40/month

  • Organizational Membership Types: 

    • $500/year for up to 10 staff members​

      • $75/year for each additional staff member​

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