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June 26, 2020

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March 13, 2020

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Just so YOU know

We are all familiar with the common phrase of love your neighbor as yourself. We often place lots of emphasis on this love we are suppose to give to those we come in contact with. Yet what is the love we are giving? Is it conditional, is it authentic, is it overflowing? Chances are not so much, or maybe once every blue moon. So why is that? As I made my way down capitol like I do every day, this simple thought came over me: You can’t love others well, until you love yourself and you can’t love yourself unless you know the one who loves you. Father, thank you that your love is sufficient; it doesn’t count wrongs, it pierces all of our fears, it forgives, it builds up and it sustains. I pray t


“You are the Potter, I am the Clay. So have your way. But while you’re going through, let Jesus work on you. There’s nothing else to do but be still and know. He is God alone, he came to make you strong. Though it hurts for a moment, let him work on you.” Potter by Tamela Mann Being a leader is hard. In fact I think that’s probably the main lesson I have learned over the last year. Leadership is hard. So hard sometimes that it actually isn’t fun at all. You see while you are busy trying to keep things “running” you have to worry about the people that are running things; make deadlines; smile; be seen; write a compelling story; smile some more; oh and did I mention worry about the pe


Being on a team is beautiful. It’s also a beautiful mess, a HOT mess most days. You can find inspirational quote after quote about the power of “we” and not me. However, if we are honest we like the idea of ME much more. Or am I the only one? In reality we all would get pretty sick of ourselves after awhile too. Thankfully the Greenhouse for People has six amazing women who get the power of WE and despite its messiness choose each day to stand side by side. Father thank you for Dominik. Thank you for her willingness to “love people back to life”, dance and smile as she greets our members. Father thank you for Hannah. Thank you for her willingness to ask “why”, her ability to see both si