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June 26, 2020

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March 13, 2020

March 2020 Newsletter

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Without. With.

Fear. Sadness. Abuse. Abandonment. Hopelessness. Forgotten. Lost. Lies. Jail. Conflicted. Inflicted. Unstable. Myself. Anger. Blame. Security. Mental Health. Stability. A Chance. New Life. Happy. Content. Loved. Understood. Positive. Relationship. Community. A Real Home. Framily. Family. Hope and a Future. Good morning Jesus, Thank you for the breath in our lungs. Thank you for our feet that touch the ground. Thank you for a sound mind. Daddy, thank you for the second list. Thank you for your grace that has overflowed (1Tim 1:14) in our lives. The first list proves that we are nothing without you. We are hopeless and feel forgotten. We are inflicted and unstable when we are far from you. Tha

Board Member Prayer

Lord, First off I want to thank you Lord that we can get things done simply by praying. I’ll never fully understand exactly how this works but your word tells us this is how things are. In Acts 10, Luke records that Cornelius learned more about You in part because he asked. So, Thank You Lord that as we’ve prayed in community through these posts over the years that You have heard and good has been accomplished, some visible but much invisible to us. So Lord, we pray for the continued advancement of Your Kingdom through our little Green House for people on 26th and Capitol. Lord, we pray for our children members. Father, would you allow them this week to experience Your love in new an

Hope Street: Community Update

ASHLEY THOMAS TALKS ABOUT HOW GOD IS ENOUGH Our Executive Director, Ashley Thomas was recently highlighted in the ever popular Christian magazine, Just Between Us. Ashley inspires us all with her love for Jesus, and her commitment to following His Word. "God is Enough. Period. Enough for you, Enough for me." READ THE ARTICLE WE CLOSED! Hope Street is the proud owner of 2510 W Capitol Drive in Milwaukee. This is the future home of our proposed three-story, 21,000-square foot community center that will have a variety of uses, all of which are intended to be open to people living in our Hope Street housing, and the surrounding area. MORE ABOUT SHECHEM UPCOMING EVENT: What's happening: Our s

Hope Street Member Prayer

While waiting on something to say to God a little time ago. I thought about just saying thank you. Of all the gifts I have ever received in life (even from my mother and father) none compare to what God has given me. In fact God gave me my mother and father. I thought about the last gift he gave me; which was that last breath of air for my lungs. Then I thought about how God stopped me from smoking. When I sometimes think about what God has done; I find he has done it before I even ask. Thinking about God is also my prayer. Amen, Charles Wiggins (Member since May 2014)


The power of knowing someone’s name. “Aren’t you famous” asked one of the local “crack heads” of me a couple weeks ago as I cleaned the entryway out of 2510 W Capitol Drive. I laughed and said, “Not that I know of” to which he responded “yup, you are I have seen you play, small forward right?” I smiled and said, “Yes, what is your name?” He said Michael. Thursday, July 13th was one of the best days I have ever had at Hope Street. I was completely covered in mud, sweating, tired and yet smiling and full of joy. It is bringing tears to my eyes now as I recall the day. You see I took the recently acquired keys down the sidewalk to 2510 W Capitol with rake, bucket and rags in hand. I was determi