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June 26, 2020

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March 13, 2020

March 2020 Newsletter

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Prayer for the Moment

Father God - You have created in each of us this longing for purpose, for meaning, and for value. You have blessed each of us with gifts to fulfill your calling on our lives. And yet, sometimes, we fail to connect these gifts with purpose. Sometimes we are lost in a moment and forget to lean into you and remember that your plan and promise are unfolding before us even when we do not realize it. Forgive our lack of faith in these times, and renew us Father! I thank you for those you have placed in our lives to remind us of your promises, for those who help redirect our gaze from moments back towards your guiding light. Father we are grateful for your Son, and how he showed us the perfect way

Open House Recap

Was it worth it? That is often a question I ask myself after we have a large event, finished project or anything else that takes a significant amount of time. As human beings we want to know that what we have invested time, energy and resources in has some return value or worth. Smiles, laughter, dancing and being together will always be worth it. It’s a life lesson I’m leaning into as I, more often than not, tend to focus on the bottom line details. As a leader I must keep both in perspective. It’s the first that reminds me why we do what we do in the first place. So know that we put time and energy into creating and providing relevant, informative and fun content to share with you. We want

Let It Be Done!

Thank you Lord for this day and for my life and for my many blessings. Thank you for placing me here at Hope Street. Help me to look out for others' needs and to show hospitality. Father, open my eyes today to what is beautiful. Teach me to meditate on you. I believe in your goodness with all my heart. So, I am asking you to go before me today, being my guide should situations make me wonder which way to turn. As each hour passes on this day, Lord, bless me with your strength and your joy. Please keep me under your watchful eye, ever ready to comfort me. Lord, lift up my heart to you. In Jesus Name. Let it be done! Myra Hamilton #thankful #meditate #goodness #guide #comfort #Jesus

A Confession

Father, I love you deeply. I know deep in my soul of souls that you are the maker and creator of alllll things (circular hand motion). I’m finding it super hard to pray to you lately, but you know that already. I’ve been silent for a while, but you know that already. I’m not mad, but you know that already. I know you are right here. I know you are present in the mess. I know you are present in the good times. I know you’ve called. I know I’ve listened. I know. But I don’t know. There you have it, my "confession." I’ve said it out loud. I’ve “broken the spell” as my sister would say… R #prayer #confession #presence #distant #confussion


Praise! When things are moving fast, if you aren’t careful you will miss the moments that are making a difference. The thankful moments. This week I want to share some things we want to praise God for! Kirk is now an MATC professor in Chemistry! Our members have kept the building safe as our main entrance has been worked on. Terry for making our courtyard look beautiful. Michael and Larry for taking care of our pool table. Bill for planting seed, covering with straw and walking back and forth to water our grass because we don’t have a spigot out front. Thomas for all of the painting he has done, including my favorite part - painting our front door green (see it on Saturday at the Open House)