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June 26, 2020

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March 13, 2020

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A Christmas Prayer

“Nothing was certain, but everything was safe - that was part of the mystery of Love.” - Charles Williams The mystery of love... the mystery of God taking on flesh, entering the world as a child during a time of incredible unrest. The mystery of God’s Spirit living in each of us, calling us to die to ourselves and, because of this, become more fully who we truly are, more alive than ever before. The mystery of a Greenhouse for People in which this mysterious love resides and allows each of us who enters into this space to Know and be Known. All of these mysteries are an act of presence - God’s presence, yes, but also His call for our own presence. Christmas is not only a time to remember T

Member Christmas Prayer

Heavenly Father, Thank you for who you are, and the wonderful life you have given us to live in relationship with your Son Jesus. This Christmas, we pray that we are thankful and remembering of all the blessings you have brought our way, and hope we can share that with others. Especially the joy, hope and love we have found in You. This Christmas, we pray that people will have families to go to to celebrate Your birth. If there are any homeless people in the Milwaukee area the rest of this month, especially during Christmas, we pray that they will be able to find food and shelter, and not be forgotten during a tough time in their lives. Let us be the difference this season in a usual life of

Is the Inside Ready?

Man, did the Christmas season come early or what?!? I feel like we started to see Christmas themed decor, ugly Christmas sweaters, and stocking stuffers lining the isles of the stores in October. Then I began to see the pictures on Facebook and Instagram of families decorating their homes, hanging lights, and even getting their trees up before Thanksgiving. I told myself that I wasn’t going to follow the trend of decorating early, I was going to wait until Dec. 1st before a single Christmas decoration went up. The anticipation was killing me. I LOVE decorating for Christmas. I love to hang lights outside, hang garland on the banister, and bring up the boxes of decorations. We buy a real tree


In college, before every game I would sit in front of my locker and stare down at my shoes. I would soak in the moment and think to myself - imprint this moment in your brain, someday you won't be here. Yesterday, I sat in my office and had a similar moment. I recalled the first day I walked through Hope Street's doors and how I have changed the paint color in every office as I have made my way through different roles leading up to Executive Director. You can find the rest of my thoughts in my blog here So I am HERE. Fully present in the moment and so thankful for the opportunity to hear the laughing children, problem solve through the drama and celebrate the growth in the lives of men, wome