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June 26, 2020

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March 13, 2020

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Dignity - our inherent value and worth as a human being; we are all born with it. I have heard people say, “I enjoy, insert where they were volunteering, it makes me feel good to be able to give those people dignity.” Cringe. Maybe I have said this same phrase. Maybe you have too. When we understand that there is absolutely nothing we can do to give another person dignity our relationships may change. I am continually surprised that people open up and share some of the darkest places of their lives with me. Maybe it is to shock me? Maybe they just really feel comfortable in my spa like essential oils infused office? Maybe the space that we try to create at Hope Street really does allow for v


“Hope Street taught me how to grow and provides an environment for that to happen. I got my life back here and in the process was blessed with a wife too” - George Clemes George and Evette got married. Both came to Hope Street with “stuff” to work through and both are leaving together with Michael as they are transplanted beyond our community. There are lots of stories that stick out when it comes to each of these individuals, but there is one that I remember most clear. Evette had relapsed. She was asked to leave in order to receive treatment. This may seem harsh, but in this scenario parapheniala was found on site and that is an absolute no go. Her son Michael went to stay with his grandma