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June 26, 2020

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March 13, 2020

March 2020 Newsletter

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Rachael to Rachel

Servant Heart. I’m pretty sure that somewhere in that definition you would find the name Rachael Stricker. Just over three years ago Rach started coming down to Hope Street every Wednesday morning. She would sit in prayer: cry, share and just be. After, she would stop in my office and see how I was doing. Often she would drop off lunch. Rach has a special way of making people feel valued, often through her gift of making yummy food. Eventually she sat across from me days after I officially became the Executive Director and simply asked, “who is going to be on your team?” I recall not having a very good answer, but said I would send job descriptions her way and would appreciate any help she c

Broken on Broken

"Conviction without experience makes for harshness." - Flannery O'Connor Broken people in community with broken people... it is hard. It feels like this has been a long standing theme of conversation in my office for a while now. Whether there are conflicts between roommates, family brokenness (both in and outside of Hope Street), or challenging conversations about where some of those boundary lines begin in gray areas it all seems to come back to the challenge that each of our own brokenness rubs up against an other's brokenness. Most times it is real easy to see other people's brokenness and feel some type of way about it without seeing our own brokenness in the midst of conflict. We all d

Jaime's Story

My son Nik and I are preparing to move into our own apartment!!!! We are so excited. Since being at Hope Street I have established a new foundation of responsibility, spiritual growth, independence, family bonding, and peace. I’d like to focus on the peace part of my life. Before coming to Hope Street, peace was foreign to me. I had lived a life of instability which stemmed from years of abuse, loneliness, drug addiction, an untreated mental health disorder called Bipolar, and shame. I was very familiar with sadness, disappointment and isolation. I grew up in Germantown and was given all of the tools that might be necessary for a successful life. But the devil took hold of my life for many y

Ask for Help

I hear the front door buzzer ring all day; with it voices saying “I need help, I’m homeless”. Can you imagine how difficult that must be? I’m a doer. I get stuff done. My default is not “ask for help”. I’m sure there’s an unhealthy dose of pride in there, but more than anything I hate being a burden. I know other people have their stuff and I don’t want to pile on my stuff too. But the reality is we all need a little help sometimes. We meet people in some of the most vulnerable situations. Sometimes people have recently been evicted, others are “couch hopping” in order to have a place to sleep, others have been sober for days maybe weeks, and others are fleeing abusive situations. Almost all


Ugh. Do you know what I hate? Leftovers. I don’t really recall as a kid eating leftovers, but I am pretty sure we did. I mean we did eat leftover meatloaf as a cold sandwich, but that was good. Other than that..what’s the point in eating last night's meal for the next few days? I have been notorious for ordering a meal at a restaurant, not finishing the whole meal, and then bringing home leftovers. I end up not eating the leftovers because...I don’t like leftovers. They stink up the refrigerator and then I throw them in the trash. Bye leftovers. When I opened the refrigerator today in Apt 7, I noticed 2 very large leftover trays of mac-n-cheese from our community meal on Sunday. Ugh (insert

Hide & Seek

“Everybody's addicted to something Everybody’s gotta grip onto something Even if it's just to feel the response of appeal Maybe once, maybe twice Maybe hundreds of times, hundreds of times Without it, it's just harder to function at times You race to the bottom of every single bottle As if there was someone or something to find You're struggling in your mind And you tell yourself lie after lie 'Til you get to the point where it's no longer private That people that you work with noticed the signs When you walk in the room It gets noticeably quiet So you break up the silence, you say you've been at the gym But the way look, can't blame on the diet So what you hiding?” John Doe by B.O.B. Hide a