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June 26, 2020

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March 13, 2020

March 2020 Newsletter

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The Unfamiliar

Just over three weeks ago, I left the place I called home for the past 6 years of my life. I said goodbye to friends and co-workers who had become like a second family to me. I had thought about that day for weeks, even months, wondering what it would be like to leave a place and the people who had made a huge impact on the person I am today. Honestly, it scared me. I was scared to leave my friends. I was scared to leave my town. Overall, I was scared to leave the familiarity of a certain way of life that I had been living for so long. It is easy to get caught up in the fear of the unfamiliar. However, it is in these times of facing what is unfamiliar to us that we find the greatest moments

Empty Spaces

I saw the jacket hanging on the door knob. Apartment 6 was Amanda's apartment, and I don't think that sense of loss will ever leave. In our last staff meeting we were just talking about how funny it was that all the finger smudges, spills, inappropriate interruptions and general loudness from the younger kids, including Amanda's girls, could be annoying (don't get me wrong, this was an incredible joy too)... but the silence and the uninterruptedness of the day have been far worse than those moments of annoyance. Across the hall, in Apartment 7 we gathered for our Monday morning bible study. It is a space to share challenges, success, to read God's word, to pray and to grow together. Conversa

Lean In

Honestly, I have a tendency to withdraw. When life becomes full, heavy and hard I can get quiet and hide. God has been using these hard spaces and teaching me the meaning of 'lean in'. To lose my hesitations, to grab those moments unashamedly, and to boldly walk out his love for myself and others every single day. As I lean into hard spaces God continues to grow my trust in him and the things he is calling me to. 'Father God, I pray that you will continue to challenge our hearts to lean into what you have for us. What you have for us in each moment, throughout each day, and in the quiet spaces in between. Give us the nudge that we need when our impulse may be to withdraw. Speak to us in the


It all started with a domino. Several years ago, I was at a women’s retreat and at the end of it all we had to set an intention for the next year by writing that intention on a domino. Mine said, “I want but am I willing.” For a few years I had been praying that God would use me as an instrument for His kingdom, but I don’t think I actually wanted that deep down. If God was to use me in any way that would take moving out of comfort into un-comfort. Enter Hope Street. Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you that you are an amazing God, Father, and the great I AM. Thank you that today your grace and mercy is brand new. Thank you that you listen to all the prayers of your saints and sinners. Thank you


Today makes 3. 3 years. 3 years since I officially became the Executive Director of the organization I love. I was young(er) and ready for a challenge or so I thought..what I have had to unlearn is the desire to DO. The constant pressure to have something to present, to show that I have in fact done something, to answer that email like a text message, to meet with new people (an introverts nightmare), and simply the constant communication...all of those time and time again have nearly killed me. Not physically...but for sure emotionally and mentally. It’s like the never ending free practice time and time just need to focus and make the shot. Only there is always anoth