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June 26, 2020

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March 13, 2020

March 2020 Newsletter

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God Uses Everything

Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purposes. It's tempting to go through our struggles alone. Low points aren't glamorous or fun. But understanding that faith comes with hard days and dark times we can remind ourselves that we have Jesus who endured this road long before we did. He can enter into our pain and will remain with us through every hardship. Creating a space where people can be known, heard, and valued right where they are allows us to enter into the hardship and the victories together. Watching our members start their dream job, reconcile with children, and walk out forgiveness are just

Open Doors

Booty shaking. Markers without caps. Tripping over basketballs. Dodging Nerf bullets. As families continue to move in and school lets out for the summer, our offices have quickly turned into playgrounds. The space always seems to be filled with movement. For me, there is not a better part of the day than smiling kids in their pajamas walking, crawling, or riding through our doors. Our offices are far more than a place for answering emails, coordinating, and creating documents. They are a place for conversation. For friendship. For kids. For working out problems. For stories. For pranks. They are a place for life to happen and community to build. While there are times during the day I am eage

June Newsletter 2019

I meet with every single member at least once. Usually within the first week of them moving into Hope Street. I want to be able to at least put a name with each person’s face. These “meetings” are scheduled for 30 minutes, sometimes they go longer and sometimes they don’t get much past hello. There are talkers and there are those you have to pull words out of. I remember my first meeting with Amanda as though it were yesterday. She walked into my office on time (this rarely happens), with her two beautiful little girls (Kaylia and Andreia). She politely smiled at me. The girls immediately had a million and one questions as they proceeded to physically touch every possible thing on my desk or


I start each day with a checklist. I rarely finish the day until that list is completed. Then I’m right back at creating the next one. I met with a board member this week and he said, “I feel like we haven’t taken time to celebrate what has happened. Just a few years ago Shechem was a dream, look where we are today”. Take a moment to CELEBRATE. Have you ever been so caught up in the next thing that is in front of you that you forget to stop and acknowledge what’s been done? Maybe you are the boss or have a boss (like me) that is often so driven and so focused on the end goal - that the “way to go” along the way gets lost. Take a moment, name three things you are proud to have been a part of

Just Show Up

“Sometimes the most bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up” Brene Brown Just show up. Those words have come out my mouth once or twice as I have shared with people about what it means to be at Hope Street. What it means to lay down expectations and simply just take the first step of showing up. Once you show up, try your best to consistently do so - whatever that looks like (once a week, once a month, once a quarter etc). Showing up speaks volumes. Well it has taken everything in me to just show up lately in nearly every area of my life. It feels like a chore. It feels like one more thing that is going to suck any amount of life I have left in me. Showing up - includes p

A Photo Is Never Just A Picture

There is a deeper story behind this picture. It’s not just a simple and fun moment. Josiah and Jessie both have stories of how they came to Hope Street. What you don’t know from this picture is Jessie sharing how Hope Street’s community is his family, not the typical family you expect, but one that goes beyond what he had hoped for, imagined could be, or thought he deserved. What you don’t see in this picture is the process that led to Jessie sitting in the office to share his life and to share in the lives of Hope Street staff. You do not see a man who isolated in his bedroom and considered revocation as the next best step, to the beaming and joy filled presence he is today. In this photo y