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June 26, 2020

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March 13, 2020

March 2020 Newsletter

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Missed that one.

"He had the solution before you had the problem He sees the best in you when you feel at your worst So in the questioning, don't ever doubt His love for you 'Cause it's only in His love that you'll find a breakthrough, oh" Danny Gokey, Haven't Seen It Yet I have been listening to the Bible more so than reading it lately. It has allowed me to "do" whatever I am doing and feed my mind with something a little bit better than Taylor Swift lyrics although there's still time for that too. I am at the end of John and as I listened to the story of The Passion (which I have heard and read a ton of times)...the emphasis the New Living Translation placed on the fact Jesus' accusers were in a rush struc

Changing Viewpoints

Part of the “process” of becoming a member at Hope Street is to undergo an interview with one or more person on staff. This is not by any means meant to be formal. It’s our way of really getting to know the person in front of us. After recently having been a part of many of these interviews, I noticed a trend. Almost every single individual at one point throughout the interview would emphasize “I stay to myself and mind my own business”. My first thought the first couple times hearing this was “that’s a red flag”. Hope Street could not possibly be a good fit for this person when we are a place that emphasizes the importance of community and being IN community with one another. After talking