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I love being at Hope Street everyday because you get to see God’s work in progress here.

I want to be a part of His plan coming together in people’s lives. I want to share my journey with the community here at Hope Street and show them God’s love.


Ministry Director

Rhonda came to Hope Street on August 1, 2017 with her two boys Terrance and Jayden who were 10 and 13 at the time. She recalls feeling an overwhelming peace when she first entered the building. She now knows it was part of God’s plan for her to live and grow here. 


Rhonda is fondly known as “Mama Rhonda” around Hope Street as she cares well for people through providing a listening ear, good advice or a shared meal. 


In September of 2020 Rhonda joined our Hope Street team as the Ministry Director. She is responsible for the application and interview process as well as ensuring people uphold their part of being a member at Hope Street.

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