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shechem basketball camp

Session 1: July 24th - July 27th | Session 2: July 31st - August 3rd

Basketball is a well-loved sport. It is one many people enjoy watching, and participating in - it doesn’t take a lot of gear to play, and yet the right space makes all the difference. The Shechem vision began with a hope to meet our community in a space they love. We found our youth playing basketball in alleyways, shooting at outdoor rims, and dribbling a ball down sidewalks. While that worked in the summer, I always wondered where people went when the winter came around. Shechem at Hope Street opened in August of 2022 and since that first day has provided a safe space for young and old to shoot hoops. It is by far the most loved space within our building, and is providing opportunities for the community to come together, exercise and simply have fun. This summer we want to invite you into the space for a camp geared at developing skills, building community and learning more about the game of basketball. You will have an opportunity to be coached by former D1 athletes, meet new friends, and be immersed in the Greenhouse for People community. It is a dream come true to be able to offer this camp to young ladies from all over the Greater Milwaukee area inside of our very own space. All proceeds from this camp will go towards the Shechem at Hope Street capital campaign. Sponsorship opportunities are available, reach out to Ashley if you are interested in learning more.


dates & Times

  • July 24th - July 28th

    • 10am-1:30pm​

  • July 31st -August 4th

    • 10am-1:30pm​


Cost: Free!


Schedule-Week 1

Monday - (7/24) Sweet Basil MKE  

  • Speaker: David Gruber & Steven Gruber (former D1 Basketball Player) 

Tuesday - (7/25) Corner Bakery

  • Speaker: Ashley Thomas (former D1 UW-Madison Basketball Player) 

Wednesday - (7/26) Olive Garden

  • Speaker: Henry Thomas (former college athlete, coach, parent of 3 D1 athletes)

Thursday - (7/27) Beans & Barley

  • Speaker: Tiera Stephen (former D1 UW-Madison Basketball Player) 


Schedule-Week 2

Monday - (7/31) Sweet Basil MKE

  • Speaker: Amy Owens (college basketball player; high school coach)

Tuesday -  (8/1) Corner Bakery

  • Speaker: Ashley Thomas (former D1 UW-Madison Basketball Player) 

Wednesday - (8/2) Beans & Barley

  • Speaker: Courtney Thomas (former D1 Marquette Basketball Player) 

Thursday - (8/3) Cousins Subs

  • Speaker: Matthew Losiecki (former D1 College Football Player; Personal Trainer)

Personal TRAINING  Opportunities 

Ashley and the girls.jpg

I (Ashley) love being able to work with athletes one on one. It creates the opportunity to hone in on specific goals, and areas of improvement. This Summer I (Ashley) am available to work with players one on one, or in a small group setting. We will start our time out by determining where you are at, and where you hope to be. From there we can schedule as few or many sessions as you would like. Please see the available time frames below. All proceeds go to the Shechem at Hope Street capital campaign.

dates & Times

  • Sign up for a one-hour session Tuesday-Thursday

  • 9am-12pm

  • Each session is one hour long


  • One-on-one/1 hr: $50

  • Group of 2 or 3/1 hr: $350

Camp Sponsors

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