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Tough Love is still LOVE

"I love you always, but sometimes I do not love your behavior"


It happened again yesterday. You know that really tough conversation you have to have with someone you love about their poor choice. That choice that unfortunately causes you to make a pretty difficult decision, to lay out the consequence. A consequence that in the immediate doesn't seem that loving, but in reality is what is needed for the situation. Needed for growth to happen, because after all at the Greenhouse we want people to flourish.

Father, would you continue to give us the grace we need to have the difficult conversations. Would you give us a clear mind, a soft heart, and the ability to be bold when we need to. May we continue to walk in and through the mess until you say stop. We trust you and know that you are in control. Father, please help each man, woman, and child that comes in and out of our door know we love them regardless of their behavior. May it always be clear it is the behavior we do not love. May we always remember that tough love is still love.

Amen, Ash

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