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Open Your Eyes

“Open your eyes, and see what you can with them before they close forever." All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

Thankfully it has only happened twice in my time at Hope Street. Unfortunately it’s one of those instances that you really never know how to enter into, understand or deal with. Just before Christmas we lost one of our Hope Street members inside Hope Street. I emphasize inside, because although we have lost other members outside of HS, it’s always a little extra troubling inside our space. As I shared the news to a sullen, saddened and shocked community. The wisdom offered up by one our people was, “well at least she could die in a safe place where she knew she was loved”. Even as I write this my eyes well up with tears. We want so badly for our people to live in dignity that I had not even imagined one could die in the same way. Our eyes were opened and we were able to see some good in the midst of a messy and sad story. See more than that was clearly apparent, see with eyes our Father does. It doesn’t take away the hurt of losing a loved one, but it does remind us of our purpose. Hope Street is the Greenhouse for People we have beloved and beautifully broken men, women and children. Together we cultivate hope, build community and protect from the toxic environment. It’s messy, but God’s light is penetrating the darkness and every once in awhile we get to vividly experience that. Today, I pray a simple prayer; that God would open our eyes, that we may see, see all the light we can before it’s too late. May we restore dignity in life and in death. Amen, Ashley.

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