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Caught on Camera

I wish we caught on camera the reality at Hope Street today. You want to know what happens at Hope Street? You want to know the reality at Hope Street? Try to feel every single feeling in your body at one time. Think of the thing that has made you the most mad and multiply that times 1000. Try to imagine you are doing everything you can possibly do to live, learn and develop new habits and then BAM! It’s like someone has punched you in the stomach and you cannot breathe.

Raw. Scary. Emotional. Frustration. Anger. Hurt. Sadness. Fear. Shame. Tears. Screaming. Clenched fists. Pacing.

Oh Lord, YOU! YOU have heard the cry of the righteous for HELP!! You have promised to deliver them from troubles and not just one trouble but All. Their troubles. You promise to be near to the brokenhearted and you promise to save the crushed in spirit. You record the misery and tears and pain and sorrow on your scroll. Are they not on your record??? Please Lord, in a way that only you can, please show your precious daughter, your beloved and crushed and broken in spirit, that you are with her. In the midst of anger and clenched fists you are with her. In the midst of disappointment you are with her. In the midst of living, learning, and developing new habits you are with her. Through it all you are with her. Please show her in only a way that you can. In a way that only she can see.

Amen, Rachael

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