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Being on a team is beautiful. It’s also a beautiful mess, a HOT mess most days. You can find inspirational quote after quote about the power of “we” and not me. However, if we are honest we like the idea of ME much more. Or am I the only one?

In reality we all would get pretty sick of ourselves after awhile too. Thankfully the Greenhouse for People has six amazing women who get the power of WE and despite its messiness choose each day to stand side by side. Father thank you for Dominik. Thank you for her willingness to “love people back to life”, dance and smile as she greets our members. Father thank you for Hannah. Thank you for her willingness to ask “why”, her ability to see both sides and her contagious laugh. Father thank you for Rachael. Thank you for the great food she prepares for all to enjoy, her ability to listen, have the tough conversation and love well. Father thank you for Karyll. Thank you for her professionalism, her positive attitude and willingness to serve at all times. Father thank you for Evette. Thank you for her kind spirit. Thank you for the way she helps our building reflect Greenhouse for People by keeping it clean and welcoming. Father thank you for Nicole. Thank you for her creativity, ability to make a vision a reality, her patience (with me) and servant heart. Would you please remember to pray for our team? Pray that each individual’s strengths would be celebrated. Pray at the same time that we be given the grace we need to embrace our differences. Father thank you for the sweet gift each person on staff is to me. Thank you for calling each one for such a time as this. May we honor you with the way we treat one another and each man, woman and child that comes through our doors. Thank you for a tremendous team that reminds me that WE is much better than just me. Amen, Ashley

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