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“You are the Potter, I am the Clay. So have your way. But while you’re going through, let Jesus work on you. There’s nothing else to do but be still and know. He is God alone, he came to make you strong. Though it hurts for a moment, let him work on you.” Potter by Tamela Mann

Being a leader is hard. In fact I think that’s probably the main lesson I have learned over the last year. Leadership is hard. So hard sometimes that it actually isn’t fun at all. You see while you are busy trying to keep things “running” you have to worry about the people that are running things; make deadlines; smile; be seen; write a compelling story; smile some more; oh and did I mention worry about the people. Yes, people. The source of the difficulty of leadership; you see we are all so different, that’s what makes life beautiful yet it also makes it messy. It’s messy because you have to know how to say something to each individual, understand the context they will hear it in, be firm yet gentle, truthful yet kind and try not to explode from the anxiety of conflict. Leadership my friend is hard. Father, thank you that you are the ultimate leader. Thank you that you leave an example for us to follow. Thank you for reminding me today that you are a skillful potter who can use me, the messy clay and make something beautiful out of nothing. Thank you that your grace is sufficient. Thank you that my identity in you doesn’t change because of my actions or choices in the heat of the moment. Lord, I pray for all leaders, that they would know they are not alone. That in spite of the mistakes they will make along the way, you see them, you love them, you meet them in their point of weakness and you are making them more and more like you. Your clay, Ash

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