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Life's Interruptions

Have you ever been faced with a task that for most people is simple, but not for you? Something that has been difficult to overcome and that has caused you to struggle your entire life? One where your private vulnerabilities come to light? Well I have.

“But Father, why must I face this now? I admit I have put this on the shelf for a long time and have chosen not to deal with it…but why are you seeking to challenge me, to stretch me again….and why now? I feel insecure, weak and exposed. You know I have struggled throughout this night. I want to be done with this. Show me Your way.”

As the morning light comes I am clearly reminded once again as I read, about His unbelievable patience with me. Reminding me to seek His face… always, to know that He is my refuge… forever, to rest in His Presence…. continually and to place my confidence fully in Him.

Father, thank you for being so merciful when you see my insecurity surfacing again. Thank you for revealing yet another area of my life in which I need to totally surrender to You. Thank you that You have given me an honest desire to move forward in full obedience to You. Thank you that your hand heals what is broken. Thank you for the overwhelming love You so freely give that uncovers my many shortfalls and helps me walk a step closer to you. It’s humbling Lord, but I am so grateful that you never let go and that Your strength is made perfect in my weakness. Amen.

Kept in Your mighty hand,

Karyll Heckman

Executive Assistant

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