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No Make-Up On

“She is clothed with strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future” Proverbs 31:25

I haven’t worn any make up the last couple of days. It’s not that big a deal I don’t wear that much to begin with. However, there was a part inside of me that wondered if I would still be seen. If I don’t hide behind the things I usually do would people be willing to accept the version of Ashley that doesn’t quite have her “stuff” together? Yesterday, I asked one of our members if drugs and alcohol is not currently an issue, how do they see themselves as broken? It didn’t take long for a list of things to be rattled off, but it was the “I hide behind my make up, clothes, “things” and status” that cut me to the core; she went on to say I look like I have it all together but I don’t, I just want someone to think I am beautiful, that I am worthy of love. I am not entirely sure why we think adding to God’s workmanship makes us more beautiful but we all do it. We color our hair, buy the latest trend, workout then check the scale, scroll through Facebook and compare, and don’t forget our precious mani/pedi. I could go on but you already know the deal. Here’s the thing those aren’t bad as long as we know they aren’t what make us beautiful. Satan you can kick rocks; we know who we were created to be. Lord, would you continue to speak your truth over us until we see what you see in us and can know in our deepest parts that we are beautiful. May we allow ourselves to be clothed with strength and dignity knowing that we are so much more than what is seen on the outside. Amen, ash.

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