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As We Remember

Memorial; serving to preserve remembrance.

With Memorial Day coming up this weekend we are reminded (I hope) of the men and women who have served our country so selflessly. Many of whom lost their lives in doing so. We would also do well to remember the families of our veterans as well. The mothers and fathers of those brave soldiers often pay an equally high price for the service of their children, especially when the wars fought in are not popular at home. There are also veterans being made both at home and abroad as we speak. I pray for peace and blessings on all our veterans and their families with much gratitude as we remember and honor them this weekend.

And in another realm there are other veterans that should be remembered as well. Saint Paul admonished us years ago to remember our primary battle is not with flesh and blood but against the powers and principalities and rulers of the air... yes against Lucifer and his many minions. Many families have lost there loved ones in these battles as well. And many families paid dearly for this is a war often fought but seldom seen and mostly not given much credence. Hope Street is one such battleground where the fighting can be intense.

Father you're so clear about the things we need to believe in. You promise us we will have troubles in this life. Thanks for letting us know in advance. You promise you will never leave us in those troubled times and that you have overcome our greatest trouble which is death. Thanks for the victory we can count on. You promise that you would take up residence not only in our neighborhood, but in US! And that your strength in us is much stronger than all the evil forces we have to battle. Thank you for bringing all our veterans that fought or are fighting all the battles to mind so we can remember them and honor them. Thank you especially for the warrior women of Hope Street who are waging war each day; Karyll, Dominique, Hannah, Dorcas, Rachael, and Ashley. Please bring them to mind more than once a year so we can pray for them and support them.


Perry Brown (Former Executive Director)

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