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Re-Member His Members

Every once in awhile I have a moment where I realize the lessons I learned or the things I experienced through basketball were preparing me for life after.

I use to dread film sessions. Especially if it was one on one with the coach. It was the time where you were told exactly what you need to work on, what you did wrong and typically you had to then watch it over and over. I'm guessing the thought was that would really drill it home, which it did. Not only all that but the whole experience teaches you to humbly enter into a moment of conflict. A moment where you don't need to defend yourself what's done is done but it's still helpful for someone to address what was done, right, wrong or indifferent. Further more, what’s true of you is still true even after the discussion, who knew?!

We had one of those moments at Hope Street on Sunday. I stood in front of the community to share some recent updates and then decided to just be silent. One of the things I love about our community is they are not afraid to be vocal. So we entered into the conflict together and then finished the meeting by partaking in communion. We re – membered, that each of us is invited to have a seat at the table; there isn’t anything that can strip us of that opportunity. But we still always have a choice. It is pretty easy on any given day to point out the flaws or the “mess” of a situation; but as I was reminded at church on Sunday we have to do our best to center our focus on the Creator and his created beings. When we see people and situations through that lens it forces us to have a different framework. It forces us to still engage with conflict but in a way that re – members that each member is God’s creation.

Father, thank you for healthy moments of conflict. Thank you for the grace to remember that our actions do not define who we are because of you. Thank you that we get a seat at your table. May we always see people as just that people, which are created in your image.

Amen, Ash

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