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I Bought a Vacuum

I wish I had recorded the conversation I had with one of our members on Monday. It was one of those, “oh yeah that’s right we are making a difference moments”. I asked Jaime why she had such a big smile on her face, to which she responded I bought a vacuum! I smiled and said that’s exciting. To which she said you have no idea, my bills are paid, I’m sober, I have a great community around me and for the first time in awhile I have somewhere to call home, so I bought a vacuum. Simple and yet profound. Many of our members are currently experiencing freedom from addiction but so much more than that they are being set free to live life to the full. In the GFP we call it FLOURISHING. We are set free to enjoy being in a healthy community, have full time employment and a place to call home. To find joy in the small things like buying a vacuum, an item that allows one to take ownership in our space, a space to call home. Two tears trickled down my face as I looked up and said thank you Father. Thank you for this moment, thanks for timing everything right for me to walk into this conversation. I needed it. Lord, may we never stop finding joy in the simple things, things we may often take for granted. May we always remember everything is a gift from you, a way that you remind us you are Yahweh Jireh (our provider). Thank you for community, for a Greenhouse for People, for the ability to buy a vacuum, and for simple conversations that point us back to you and your character.



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