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Board Member Prayer

Father, you are the author and creator of the very idea of unity. Your prayer for us was that we would be one as you are one, and that when we become one in You, that the world would see Your glory through us. Help that to be increasingly true of us as a family of believers. Break down the walls of every kind that separate us from each other, and help us to stand close together, building relationship, bearing each other’s burdens together. Help that to be an ever more present reality at your Greenhouse on 26th and Capitol, in the 53206 zip code, in the Milwaukee metropolitan area, the State of Wisconsin, and the world, and may those that see it see You.

Father, where we have forgotten the simple, glorious fact that we are all created in Your image, convict us. When we feel that we or anyone we meet have gone too far to be redeemed, show us the awesome power of Your love and allow it to spill over into every relationship and every interaction of our every day. And where we are afraid to step out into relationship in ways that keep us from being one, give us boldness, God. Transform us into the men and women that You created us to be, and thereby into the united family and community that You want for us. One, as You are one.



Board Chair

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