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Without. With.

Fear. Sadness. Abuse. Abandonment. Hopelessness. Forgotten. Lost. Lies. Jail. Conflicted. Inflicted. Unstable. Myself. Anger. Blame.

Security. Mental Health. Stability. A Chance. New Life. Happy. Content. Loved. Understood. Positive. Relationship. Community. A Real Home. Framily. Family. Hope and a Future.

Good morning Jesus,

Thank you for the breath in our lungs. Thank you for our feet that touch the ground. Thank you for a sound mind. Daddy, thank you for the second list. Thank you for your grace that has overflowed (1Tim 1:14) in our lives. The first list proves that we are nothing without you. We are hopeless and feel forgotten. We are inflicted and unstable when we are far from you. Thank you for loving us every day regardless of where we are. Thank you for your Son who selflessly hung on the cross bearing all our sins so we can have security and a new life. Community and unconditional love. A real home. Hope and a future. God, I love you. Thank you.



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