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Cool Water

“Coming home and opening that door to Hope Street is like splashing cool water on my face.”


The best part of my job is sitting at a table drinking coffee and eating or sitting in Hannah’s office and chatting with her. Cake job, huh?! It is inevitable a member or two or three will come down and stand in the doorway of Apt 7 or in the hallway of our offices and say hi. They have smelled the coffee or food. They have heard the infectious nature of Hannah’s laugh. They will be invited in. Conversation will happen. Conversation is never about me. Conversation is never about what I know and what they should know. Conversation is never about what book of the Bible they are studying. Conversation is like splashing cool water on my face on a hot and sticky day. Do you want to know that feeling that I am talking about? Come down. Don’t be afraid. I’ve got coffee, probably some food, and a member or two will pop-up. Cool water.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Hallowed be thy name. Thank you for coffee. Thank you for food. Thank you for Hannah’s laugh. For those things break barriers and bring us closer to members. It is simple, but it is good. Thank you for the constant reminder that none of “this” is about me. None of “the work” that I am doing is about me. It is ALL about you! May you receive all the glory and honor now and forever.

Thank you that you are the Living Water. Thank you that you have met us all at our own Wells and given us that drink that will last forever. Thank you that when our members, like Rhonda, step foot into Hope Street they can feel the rush of cool water on their faces. Selah.

(Deep sigh) Amen.


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