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What the Heck?

“You can choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

William Wilberforce

There are days when I want to look the other way. And by days I mean most days. The season has changed and so have I. I am not sure yet if that is good thing or not. I spend days trying to find the answers to “things” that are rolling in my mind and heart. I spend days trying to “reconcile” the “things” that I hear and see and hear and know on a pretty regular basis. The answers and promises that came easy before don’t seem to fit now.


I seriously hate asking this question, but “what the heck”??? I’m not mad at you. I’m not questioning you. But what the heck? Soften me. Soften us. Give me the eyes to see what you see. Give me the ears to hear what you hear. Without those eyes and ears, your eyes and ears the “things” seems so yuck. I can no longer look the other way because of what I know. How do I even look forward? I need you.



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