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A Prayer for the Cherished

A Prayer for the Cherished

“What a good thing it is to love on earth as we shall love in heaven, and learn to cherish one another here as we shall do forever there.” – Francis de Sales

Father, what an incredible thing it is to be cherished by you. You look upon our own brokenness with grace and charity, and always with your call towards restoration. None of the smallness that separates us from you will remain when you have finished your work in us, but we know, too, that you are a patient God. A wise God who, knowing we could not come to meet you on the mountain, came to us in the weakness of the flesh – you walked amongst us, were hungry and thirsty as we are, you suffered pain and even death to show us your ultimate plan that no grave will conquer.

In this you have given us a foretaste of what is to come, and a call for how to live in love for one another – to cherish each other as you have cherished us, and to participate in your kingdom’s bursting forth into the world. We thank you Father for our family, here, at Hope Street, and ask that you soften our hearts in every moment, to live as you would have us, filled with love for you and one another. We pray, Father, that Hope Street is a beacon of your love pouring out of our corner on 26th and Capitol.

We thank you Father. We praise you Father. We cherish you Father. May we see your will be done – world without end.


Brian Cooper

Assistant Executive Director

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