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Prayer for My Sister

“God is our refuge and our strength, an ever present help in our times of trouble.”

Pslam 46:1

I want to fix things immediately. Especially when it comes to a situation one of our members find themselves in. Even more so when that member happens to be one that is near and dear to my heart. We aren’t suppose to have “favorites” but you can ask the community and they would name Sabrina as such. It’s probably because when we first met neither one of us had much patience for the other. We both had our assumptions and our bias’, both kept us from being willing to be present with one another. This eventually changed as I was able to completely adore her two girls from the get go. Kids often have a special way of bringing adults together. Time passed and Sabrina and I had brief encounter after brief encounter.. Until finally one day we couldn’t remember a time where we were never laughing, crying, sharing struggles, making plans, venting etc. I adore her.

So today, my heart is breaking because Sabrina’s is. She is scared, unsure and anxious about what is ahead. This week they will move on from the protection inside the Greenhouse for People and honestly I wish that wasn’t the case. Although that is always the goal, I wish there were more options for our men and women whose choices from long ago plague their ability to move forward. Yet, I am clinging to this truth buried deep within me that God is still Sovereign. Would you please pray as you are led for Sabrina and her girls as they transition?

Please, Father protect my sister and her babies. I know you care for her more than I do. I know you see all and know all, would you give us both peace for this reality? Guide her, renew her, empower her to do your will and above all love her like only you can.



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