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As Heard Around Hope Street

“As Heard Around Hope Street…”

“How’s your day been, George?” “Fannnnn-tastic. I can’t find a thing to complain about.”

“I am so sorry you broke your ankle Donise.” “Me too, Rachael. But God must be telling me to slow down.” - Donise

“Do you know anyone who displays the characters of Boaz; honor, might, valor, loyalty?” “No. Actually, not until I moved to Hope Street did I see those characteristics in other people. People who didn’t want anything back from me.” - Rhonda

“Man Jaime! I was going to leave, but now you have me down here making ornaments.”- Patrice

“I am just so thankful.” - Kirk

“You are like my family, Ms. Hannah.” - Niy-Niy

Dear Heavenly Father,

How we praise and thank you for this day. Thank you for your mercy and grace that is new everyday. Thank you for all the words “heard around Hope Street” this week. Thank you that Hope Street is a place where people can be fannnn-tastic, can slow down, can meet people who show honor, valor, might and loyalty, can sit and make ornaments when they thought they were going to leave, can be thankful for just being, can be family when the color of their skin is different. Holy Spirit, wash over the men, women, and children that call Hope Street HOME. Call them closer to you in ways in which only YOU can.

You’re awesome and I love you.



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