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How are you flourishing?

How are you flourishing?

There was some drama over the weekend. Nothing out of the norm, nonetheless needed to be dealt with. Yes, the Greenhouse for People is safe, but yes, we have to work really hard to keep it that way. While Cooper and I handled the situation that had occurred over the last 24 hours; our members started the Sunday community meeting. When all the world’s problems had been solved, at least the ones inside Hope Street we joined our members in the meeting.

On their own they had begun one by one going to the front of the room to answer the question, “How are you flourishing?”. It was insightful, thoughtful, and so encouraging to hear the many different ways members are thriving. No story insignificant no matter how large or small the accomplishment. Each item shared a part of their life long journey towards growth. It was beautiful.

One of our male members got up to share, after the room encouraged him to do so. He began to list the ways he physically is flourishing; stating, “four months ago I could barely walk or feel anything in the tips of my fingers, but now I can walk and feel”. He went on to say he is excited about his job, and how well life seems to be going since coming to Hope Street. He concluded with the best line of all, “ I know I am flourishing because four months ago I would have sat in this meeting and not cared about what you all are sharing. Today, I do care, and want to see you all flourish. I think I am beginning to like you all”. Yes, this is where the tears really began to stream down my face. Heart change. True transformation. What we pray and hope for.

Father, thank you that our members see the benefit in community. Thank you that they embrace, encourage it, and steward it so well. Thank you for the moments that we get to share where you are working in our lives. Thank you for opening our eyes to the reality that we are only doing as well as the community we find ourselves in. Help us to continue to see the benefit in being connected with one another. Thank you for drama. Thank you for the grace to be still and listen. Thank you for all the ways our members are flourishing. Thank you that you are not yet done with your pruning, nurturing, and growing. We are counting on it all.

With love,


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