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I had to drive my daughter to school twice this week (it's only Wednesday). The first time, Monday, she straight up missed the bus. The second time, this morning, she wanted to arrive early (7a) so she and her friends could decorate the locker of a friend who’s birthday is today. Locker decorating in 7th grade is a big thing.

Twice this week I witnessed the sunrise. It burned my eyes it was so bright. Have you witnessed the sunrise this week?

Yesterday I had to drop one of our cars off for service. The dealership was nice enough to give me a rental car equipped with XM radio for the day. I searched the channels and came to Y2KCountry. Jammed to some Y2K tunes. A George Strait song came on, “I Saw God Today”.

I've been to church

I've read the book

I know He's here

But I don't look

Near as often as I should

Yeah I know I should

His fingerprints are everywhere

I just look down and stop and stare

Open my eyes and then I swear

I Saw God Today

Preach it George! I saw God this week. Have you seen God this week?

Jesus, Our Heavenly Father,

I praise and thank you for today. I thank you for missed buses and locker decorating. Your fingerprints are everywhere. And there are so many days that I straight up do not see them. Some days I’m not even looking and I know I should. I stopped and stared at the sunrise the last couple of days and it was so bright! My eyes were opened. Thank you.

Lord, I pray that our members and staff and volunteers and board members and everyone that enters our building or walks past our building or the ladies attending the luncheon tomorrow will stop and see that your fingerprints are everywhere. I pray they too will see the Sonrise this week. That their eyes will be open to seeing YOU.



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