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Drama Mama

“We can take it out to the streets if you really want to keep yappin’...”

Close to the last words I want to hear first thing in the morning at 7:50 am as I walk into my office. Thankfully, it isn’t the first tense moment and I can guarantee it won’t be the last. Why thankful? Because it no longer rattles me. There is a mama bear inside of me that instantly aims to take control of the space and de-escalate the situation that is heating up, going from 0 to 100 real quick.

We have men, WOMEN, and children at Hope Street. So naturally there is bound to be some drama every once in awhile. Tempers flare, boundaries are pushed, and power trips are attempted. Over the years I have listened to both sides point out all the flaws in the other person. Too often, motives are assumed and narratives are created about someone’s being. It breaks my heart each time. I desperately long for the moment where both parties can see what the other wants is the same. To be accepted, loved and known for who God created them to be. They want to know they can mess up and still be OK.

As I sat down with both women separately, I reminded them they are loved, chosen and in the midst of a beautiful process. I also reminded them that the way we handled (past tense) things on the streets by no means will be tolerated inside the Greenhouse for People. Hope Street may be home to people with brokenness, but inside our space we communicate, learn how to cope, and enter into conflict in healthy ways. As I returned to my office I overheard one of our other members gently, full of grace and truth walk alongside the ladies as they worked through their mess.

Father, thank you for Robie and Donise. Thank you for the 36 other men, women and children who call Hope Street home. Thank you for Quita who lovingly speaks truth with the hope of growth taking place. Thank you for the tension, for we trust and know you waste nothing. Be with us as we learn the benefits of being in community. Father forgive us for the moments we bring the drama. May we be quick to de - escalate and slow to escalate situations. May we always aim to know and not be heard. You are faithful. Amen, Ash.

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