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Soft Hearts

Father in Heaven,

I praise and thank you for this day. For the new breath in my lungs, for the birds early this morning, for the life that pulses through my veins, for all of your new mercies. Today's a new day and you are still an awesome God, Father and Friend.

Thank you for the soft hearts around Hope Street. Thank you for the stubborn humans that decide that they need each other and time is too short to be mad and not talk to each other. Thank you for Intervarsity students who are willing to deep clean apartments. Thank you for the volunteers who come and lead other volunteers so staff doesn’t have to be on site on the weekend. Thank you for the members that stop in the office to drink coffee, attend classes, and take very loud and long phone calls in Apt.7. Thank you for the disruption of thought. Thank you for graceful push back that could lead to change. Thank you for, “I hear what you are saying”. Thank you for the team I get to work with. Everything, all of this, is for “such a time as this”. Thank you that I get to play a small role.



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