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Rising Water

Sometimes I feel pulled in so many different directions I forget the source from which I am able to move. Whether it’s kids, a paper, a grant, a pending conversation, the need to clean, to finish up taxes, or whatever came up five minutes ago all the small things add up in a hurry. As the mental checklist grows louder it’s harder to hear that ever present whisper. Then everything seems to come at me all at once.

Peter, walking to you on the water makes too much sense at these times. All those waves to the right and the left becoming something to panic over, and all of the sudden you are out of sight. I pray, Father, that we don’t need to sink to know your peace; but I am grateful that when we do you are there to pull us back towards you – to center us in the presence of your stillness, to find rest from chaos in the presence of your mercy, to find freedom from the lies in your Truth.



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