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Hope Street Member Prayer

Heavenly Father,

I come to you today to say thank you for all the blessings, grace, mercy and consistency you have bestowed upon us. We love you Lord! Bless your holy name! Thank you for keeping us, comforting us, protecting us, being our burden bearer, believing in us when we didn't even believe in ourselves, being our strength, being the light in our darkness, being our strength when we were weak, being our eyes when we couldn't see, being our ears when we couldn't hear, being our doctor & healer when we were sick, encouraging us, meeting us where we are, never leaving us nor forsaking us, making a way out of no way, being our peace, love & strength.

Lord I lift up Hope Street Ministry to you. I pray that you mend the brokenness that we are all struggling with. I ask that you touch each man, woman, boy and girl. Lord we need your healing touch right now. Allow each one of us to have an individual relationship with you while being in community with one another. I am a firm believer that brokenness heals brokenness. I know that there is purpose in our pain. Open up our minds & hearts to receive the knowledge wisdom and understanding that you have waiting for us.

Thank you for placing my daughters and I at Hope Street. It's such a blessing to be in your presence 24/7, 365. I am grateful that you prepared this place of rest, peace, joy and love for us. I pray for an obedient spirit & that you deliver us from ourselves. Let it be less of us and more of you.

I am also praying for our city. Lord please show yourself to the people, like you have never done before. Our city is suffering and hurting God. Send your healing power upon us. There are a lot of people suffering in silence and I pray that everyone can surrender to the will of God, resources can be revealed and faith can be restored. I also pray for all the bereaved families, the homeless, sick and shut in, the incarcerated, single parents, the urban community and all the people who live in the area. I pray that we can band together showing love and unity to take back our city. We don't have to be a product of our environment because of all the things surrounding us. With God all things are possible! I pray all these things in Jesus name.

Amen, Chantell.

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