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Present over Perfect

“I feel small and yet, I feel part of it all” - Shauna Niequist

Have you ever been given a book to read and either outwardly or inwardly rolled your eyes? I have. The most recent being Present over Perfect. Only this time, I actually had to read it, because the bible study I am part of is going through it.

Presence is often terribly difficult. Perfection is even more difficult but I go above and beyond to try and attain it. So really Perfect over Present would be a much better description for the life I often live. Yet, as I have been pulled deeper and deeper into this book - I have fallen in love with what it has forced me to do: enjoy silence, soak in my surroundings, be aware of my anxious inclination to go, go, go and simply be willing to join God. I think that last part is key. Do you find yourself doing for God or intentionally being with Him?

As I read last night, “I feel small and yet, I feel part of it all” stuck out to me. I held onto that phrase as it tied in with what I had read of King Saul in the beginning. In the beginning when he completely relied on God for direction, even took time to stop and pray before continuing. He was aware of his smallness in relation to God. Yet, he was still able to join God in His work. Eventually he got out ahead of himself and tried to be a little too perfect, which did not end well. Today you have the choice to be Present over Perfect. Feel free to roll your eyes (I did) but give it a try.

Father, thank you that we are already perfect in your eyes. Thanks for reminding us of how small we are. Yet, may we be encouraged to know that doesn’t disqualify us from joining you. Would you please comfort, encourage, and empower Karyll, Hannah, Cooper, Dorcas and Rachael to be present through all the interruptions, distractions and beautiful moments that make up Hope Street? Thanks for letting us play a small part in your story on 26th and Capitol - it is a tremendous honor.

Perfectly present, Ash

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