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Prayer for the Moment

Father God -

You have created in each of us this longing for purpose, for meaning, and for value. You have blessed each of us with gifts to fulfill your calling on our lives. And yet, sometimes, we fail to connect these gifts with purpose. Sometimes we are lost in a moment and forget to lean into you and remember that your plan and promise are unfolding before us even when we do not realize it. Forgive our lack of faith in these times, and renew us Father!

I thank you for those you have placed in our lives to remind us of your promises, for those who help redirect our gaze from moments back towards your guiding light. Father we are grateful for your Son, and how he showed us the perfect way of faith, even unto death... and how this bought abundant life for each of us. I pray, Father, that we may be filled with life giving faith for every moment, and that you continue to surround us with those who will strengthen and encourage us when we are weary.



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