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kids BEING kids

Yesterday, we took a road trip out to Oconomowoc for a day at the lake. We piled nine of our kids in cars and made our way from 26th and Capitol out to hwy 67. There was laughter, singing (songs I’ve heard and others I had not), silly remarks and lots of anticipation. As we made our way I pointed in the direction that Ms. Rachael lives, other volunteers and myself. The kids got silent and one of our teenage girls remarked, “wow y’all must really love your job to make this trip” followed by another that said, “you like us that much?”

I smiled and said, “We love you and we want to be with you”

As the day went on, I realized how much our kiddos love one another and want to be together. I was so proud of their ability to include everyone, take turns for skiing, tubing and zuping; and simply be kids.

I had some difficulty getting the photos off the zip drive of the day, but went to my phone and found a selfie some of our kids took. This photo is a beautiful reminder that every kid no matter where they live or find themselves wants to be loved and love, wants to have fun and be with friends, and most of all have some time and space to just be a kid.

Father, thank you for your creation and the opportunity to enjoy it. Thank you for the warm weather and the time on the lake we had together yesterday. Thank you for the lessons kids teach us. Thank you for the opportunity to witness community in a very real and powerful way. Thank you for Terrance, JJ, Alayshia, Aniyla, Alex, Shontyla, Covache, Ishmael and Michael who are brave, kind, adventurous, and beautiful reflections of you.

Amen - Ashley

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