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I have gained weight!

“Flourishing goes beyond happiness, or satisfaction with life. True, people who flourish are happy. But that’s not the half of it. Beyond feeling good, they’re also doing good - adding value to the world.” - Barbara Fredrickson

Many of us watch the scale and hope to see less pounds present than the week before. Many of us have an unhealthy relationship with food. Food is our comfort or our nemesis. We eat too much or not enough. While I by no means am a healthcare provider what I do know is at Hope Street we often are able to tell how well someone is doing by their weight. We don’t ask anyone to step on a scale; but we do celebrate when the frail, lifeless frame comes to life and gets some “meat on their bones”. We watch as people begin to see the value of being in community. That community extends beyond our doors to the workplace and other venues like church, recovery groups and family outings. I can’t put into words how much joy has filled my heart listening to all the ways our members are doing good and adding value to the world. They have embraced, consumed and shared the gift they have received and are truly flourishing.

At Hope Street we celebrate “I have gained weight!”

Father, thank you for giving us grace to embrace the gifts you give us each moment. Thank you for Chantell, Linda, Sabrina, Kirk, George and Charles who are living into what it means to receive and give back. Our bodies are your temple meant to bring you honor and glory. As you feed our soul may we allow it to nourish our being. Please allow Hope Street to continue to be a safe and nurturing place where people can come as they are: frail, beaten down, angry or depressed and discover a life that is full.

Amen, Ash

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