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Amanda sits on the stairs every day at 3:00 pm waiting for her first baby girl to come running off the bus. Rhonda sits on my “therapy couch” and expresses her concerns after a long day of work, knowing she has to go upstairs to address her son, Jayseon asks his mama if he can go see Mr. James (Denver in James Place) to get some candy. We often anticipate what is next. We get accustomed to routine and expect things to fall in place the way they are suppose to. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t, but there is anticipation nonetheless.

We anticipate our third annual Family Reunion fundraiser next Saturday, October 13th. I really can’t believe it’s October and like what happens every year I cannot believe the event is already here. We have officially hit 300 guests, auction items are collected, sponsors are in, the program is planned and now we wait 10 more days for it to be here.

I anticipate the stories that will be shared, the laughter, the good food and hope that people will leave knowing one new thing about Hope Street.

Would you please join us in praying for Judy, Chantell, George, Hannah, Cooper, Katina and Laura - many of which will be sharing their story for the first time in front of a crowd. Pray that hearts would be prepared to listen and receive. Above all may the night bring glory to our Father in heaven.

And one last request selfishly, Lord can I please get some sleep between now and then?

We all anticipate things - today, let those things rest in our Father’s hands knowing that’s the best place for them to be.

Amen - Ash

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