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Love Difficult People

Love Difficult People

Confession: my definition of difficult people often is never in relation to the men, women and children that live at Hope Street. Their difficult I can embrace, I can extend grace for and be compassionate about. It’s everyone else’s difficult that often sends me over the edge.

It’s the inconvenience, the hurdle jumping and the lack of control - that is often simply exhausting. Throw in being sick and you will probably be crying by noon - asking yourself continually why me?! Too honest? Well, I have days like this and there are days I want difficult people out. I’m not sure where “out” exactly is; but I don’t want to deal with it.

Well thank goodness for twitter - or else I wouldn’t have been slapped in the face by Bob Goff.

“Love Difficult People, you’re one of them”

⁃ Bob Goff

So if you have ever had one of those days - where you are pretty sure you can pin point exactly every little thing someone else is doing that is difficult - look in the mirror and realize someone is probably doing the same of you. Don’t you want to be loved through that?

Father, we are all difficult. We are all selfish in more ways than we are selfless; that’s a hard truth but there is grace for it. Can you continue to show us how to show up and love difficult people? And always remember that that choice includes ourselves.

Difficult but loved,


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