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Is the Inside Ready?

Man, did the Christmas season come early or what?!? I feel like we started to see Christmas themed decor, ugly Christmas sweaters, and stocking stuffers lining the isles of the stores in October. Then I began to see the pictures on Facebook and Instagram of families decorating their homes, hanging lights, and even getting their trees up before Thanksgiving. I told myself that I wasn’t going to follow the trend of decorating early, I was going to wait until Dec. 1st before a single Christmas decoration went up. The anticipation was killing me.

I LOVE decorating for Christmas. I love to hang lights outside, hang garland on the banister, and bring up the boxes of decorations. We buy a real tree, fill it with lights and special ornaments, then the stockings, they are hung by the chimney with care. I love the “feeling” of Christmas. It feels warm. It feels special. Is this my modern day preparation of the Passover? The outside feels ready, but is the inside ready? Is your inside ready?

Dear Father,

I praise and thank you for yet another day. I thank you for the crisp cold morning air that fills my lungs to the point of coughing. I thank you for the winter sunrises that look like a painting, sights so beautiful one can only capture the beauty with their eyes. Lord, as we anticipate Christmas I pray that not just the outside is ready for you, but the inside is ready as well. Lord, help us to reveal those places that have yet to see and feel your Light. The anticipation of Christmas is thick. Lord, help us to have soft hearts that long and anticipate for your second coming not just during the Christmas season, but long after the lights, and tree, and stockings, and special decorations are taken down.



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