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Member Christmas Prayer

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for who you are, and the wonderful life you have given us to live in relationship with your Son Jesus. This Christmas, we pray that we are thankful and remembering of all the blessings you have brought our way, and hope we can share that with others. Especially the joy, hope and love we have found in You.

This Christmas, we pray that people will have families to go to to celebrate Your birth. If there are any homeless people in the Milwaukee area the rest of this month, especially during Christmas, we pray that they will be able to find food and shelter, and not be forgotten during a tough time in their lives. Let us be the difference this season in a usual life of plenty, let us remember those who go without.

Heavenly Father please help us reflect and meditate on Your goodness and break through and see Your Love through all, that conquers all, and abide in the Spirit so we can have the power of God to act obediently in our lives. Have others notice as we do in those moments, and not strive on our own efforts by our own power but rely on Yours to win other people to knowing You more closely this season and have an active decision in submitting their lives to You as Lord and Savior. Let our character and actions match the standard You require of us.

Heavenly Father please help us reflect and meditate on Your Holy Word, the Bible. Help us to understand and apply what we read daily so it makes a change and makes us more like You. Thank you for Christmas.


Your sons and daughters

Eric Sammons (Hope Street Member since August 1st, 2018)

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