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A Christmas Prayer

“Nothing was certain, but everything was safe - that was part of the mystery of Love.” - Charles Williams The mystery of love... the mystery of God taking on flesh, entering the world as a child during a time of incredible unrest. The mystery of God’s Spirit living in each of us, calling us to die to ourselves and, because of this, become more fully who we truly are, more alive than ever before. The mystery of a Greenhouse for People in which this mysterious love resides and allows each of us who enters into this space to Know and be Known. All of these mysteries are an act of presence - God’s presence, yes, but also His call for our own presence. Christmas is not only a time to remember THE gift, but a time to be present, to experience the light of His joy by letting it flow in, through and beyond us. To receive and give reciprocally of our very selves and the selves of others, tender-heartedly. This gift is also God’s call on each of our hearts. This is what God has reminded me while reflecting and renewing the overwhelmingness of this single act, of Christmas. Father, we pray: Where there is sorrow may it meet compassion. Where there is pain may it meet tenderness. Where there is joy may it be multiplied. Where you are may we be also. Amen, Brian 

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